Tuesday, May 30, 2006

why do i feel like a lab mice
waiting to be tried on again & again & again

why do i feel like there are hidden agendas? that there are things u're not telling me...

it is never true that people are as simple as they seem
eyes do lie, there are things which we fail to notice...
we wish to see what we want to see
we wish to see our friends true
and in this process, how much details have we left out ?

i dun believe in the purity of spirit or the mind
even kids learn how to lie to get what they want
what makes us nt being able to do that more freely?

i live by my own rules, i realised that there isn't a need to be so kind
u'll always get hurt in the end ...

she sent me this a few days ago.
"you can go through and make new friends every year - every month partically- but there was never any substitue for those friendship of childhood that survive into adult years. those are the ones in which we are bound to another with hoops of steel"

thanks my dear, it's always great to have u ard since primary 1? yeah....
thanks for being so understanding & knowing my faults better than i do myself...
thanks for offering help whenever i'm lost
u're always there....

i bet u'll get married faster than me wor, i be ur bridesmaid okay? :P jia you for As!

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