Monday, May 15, 2006

u noe what, u're nt e type who look like u'll haf a bf...*hear my heart shatter into infinite pieces* faster get a bf den get married lar!

this was wad my sis told me on my cousin's wedding... she just wanted me to get married so she can get gd fd to eat....what a piggie... feeling completely devastated by her comment of me nt being able to get a bf, i showed her my yearbk & pointed to her e supposedly most gd looking guy in my batch.
she went berserk

she flipped frantically thru the pages of the yrbk, scanning every face in search of a better alternative....

after a few mins, she closed the book with a solemn look on her face

& said it's all right if i didn't get a bf now...


oh the horror of livin in a environment without cute guys to gush at, without eye candies to drool at, without potential bfs to flirt with. i tell u it's worse then living in a monestry. at least i get to gush at cute gurls kay o.o

i realised tt a prolonged period of being exposed to not cute looking guys make u bimbotic, stupid, desperate & pro lesbianism.

i've plans to watch over the hedge. my tuition teacher says it's nice. i saw e sneak peak. it was lame to the xtent of
but i just wanna watch it anyway. since my sis has been splurging on movies too...
ahhhhhh.... but i need to save money to buy earphones....


i did what i was supposed to do.
the least i cld do as a participant of this relationship was to give a decent explanation.
i've come to see who truly understands my mood swings.
at least this made me more sure of who i should be.

my stance towards relationships has always been weird
someone labelled it kanasai
the problem is it didn't really bother me much.
ppl call it fate, some call it affinity. i can't be bothered with what e hell it's called.
by chance we met
someone started the ball rolling.
i put my best into this relationship,
nvr forgetting to remind myself that friends come & go
that i shld always treasure the time that i have with them
but smtimes other priorities get in the way
but i still treasure this relationship all the same
i leave alot to chemistry
i do nt fret over factors that i cannot control
if we slowly drift apart,
no one can be blamed for the distance b/w us
i won't ask what went wrong
because even if i knew
they won't come back
and it wldn't work for other relationships too
so if we happen to meet again after we part
it's just be another cycle of affinity, chemistry, commitment, respect & then goodbye....

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