Saturday, May 20, 2006

i noe i shld be studying now....

but to study gu wen for one whole damn bloody week makes u wanna puke when u see chinese characters...

when i'm in a education system all so wrong, e sudden realisation that i'm being exploited makes it twice as hard as it is for me to bear. and it's all so wrong when u realise that advice given by educators turn out be nthing more than just to fufil their ultimate sadistic aim of fantastic grades... and u tot educators would give u what is best for u, nt themselves....

utterly disgusted.

stop telling me tt ny teachers are caring... yeah rite. they are "caring". someone needs to get e facts straight. stop twisting figures, stop behaving like a communist state where u manipulate numbers to get ppl to believe u. get a life man, u're educating ppl, nt mass producing gd grades like plucking a stars frm e skies as if they are e damn bloody coconuts.

stop being addicted to figures!#$&^@#!!!!! what can u fucking get?

i wanted to be a wedding planner. my mum wanted me to stick to e conventional. be a teacher lar. salary more stable. dun go and do those weird weird stuff lar.

thanks man. no wonder entrepreneurship doesn't thrive in singapore. i must well be a ma ma san, earn more ah. *waves fist @ gah-men*

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