Friday, May 26, 2006

my mum sucks *smirks*

i can't be bothered to quarrel with her. the one who's angry e longest loses. why bother to be angry with some stupid comments i made. like u didn't make any. u like to provoke ppl? fine, i'm just returning u a favour. enjoy it while it last. i cld list a thousand ways where u're more childish than me. asshole


btw, life sucks. if u haven noticed, stress makes me more hysterical & lethargic than ever.i think e J1s will be thinking i'm nuts.

damn u simin. u're such a fucker.

and rite, i hate ppl who keep nagging that i don't study when i'm trying my best to study my fucking head off. if u dun see it, dun comment. and e worse thing is if u're younger than me, unless u're my sis, shut e fuck up & dun comment on my life. i live it e way i want it. i know myself better than u so stop givin side comments that sound like u've known me since i was born.

and if u dun noe, nyjc has a sucky environment to study. i can't study in e lep with everyone talking and i can't study in the lib with e air con turned on the freeze my ass off so forget abt studying in sch. so fuck off. honestly, i think my life is so much better wldn't u sticking ur nose into my studies. i'm depressed enough already.

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