Tuesday, May 09, 2006


thanks for e belief in me babes but i need more than that... honest....

smtimes i wonder why i love playing with the unknown so much even though i'll most probably be hurt.

i've done the craziest things like eating all kinds of raw food, playing with speed, carrying a helium ballon at the age of 18, tying 2 pony tails and givin a class presentation with that hairstyle today during gp, walking around lost in the CBD area, refusing to take any mode of transport and insisting on walking till i see a bus i'm familiar with.

i honestly need to get a life instead of getting upset over details and behaving like the narrow minded govt towards the gomez issue.


the reason why the soceity cannot accept what is nt the norm is because they cannot understand. which is the reason why we often see marginalisation of races, ostracizing etc etc etc.


somehow this is part of me already, & even though i see my stubborn & selfish character as a bane of my life, it is also gives me the belief that i'm stronger than what i believe myself to be & that i will survive no matter what. that even though i'm frequently overwhelmed with emotions, easily consumed by darkness, i'll come out of it all, scars, bloodied, but stronger...

s.p.i.r.i.t - w.i.l.l

the fact that i'm alive & breathing & consciously aware of my environment gives me a reason to live. i believe in the human spirit, that when smthing goes wrong, we'll always find the courage to rise to resist the impossible and create miracles....


is the word i can use to describe my life now. test & exams are making me more tired of the world than i already am. teachers looking at students as result producers rather than a pupil itself. there's a difference in i believe that u can produce results and i believe in u.
as usual, i resist the temptation to whine abt how unfair the world is treating me today.
i owe ppl countless explanations, i owe my penpal letters, i owe myself a reflection....

i just want to move on & forget it all...

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