Monday, May 29, 2006

i just died in my dreams yest.
i was doing my hcl paper 2 and i didn't noe how to do a particular 20m question cause i didn't study
somehow this seemed like a premonition... or maybe it's happened so many times during the exams till i can actually dream of it....
i am wonderful...

i want to drop dead frm playing computer games... nt frm exams... at least i die a happy girl & become a happy ghost or smthing
i guess the reason for me to be addicted to maplestory is to imagine every object u're cutting is a teacher of nyjc, that's genocide in kawaii way.
maybe i'll pretend that the monster of level 100 made of stones & moss is thaman. then it'll spur me to up my level for my maple character.

so tired.

time's up, u're dead

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