Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The girl's name Danielle is pronounced dan-YELL.
it is of Hebrew and French origin, and its meaning is "God is my Judge."
Feminine variant of Daniel.

nice.... it used to be my fav christian name & i had initially wanted it to be my english name when "i entered society" & that kind of blah.
u noe like i've cousins who have christian names tt i didn't even noe of, like robert, terrance & all those weird names tt make u go o.O, until the day they get married & their christian name is printed all over invitation cards & stuff.... & u wonder why they just can't stick to their chinese names.... so difficult to rmb/pronounce meh? i mean isn't it more difficult to rmb with the tonnes of derricks & terrances ard? at least get a cool name like zoromihawk or smthing, rite?! *grins at chee*

i still like this name though, i don't noe why. it just looks & sound very classy & e only person i noe of who has this christian name is junjie XD haha.... god is my judge

u noe what, i'm still going to stick to yang simin. i wanted to change my name to yang min though.... but then cai si min jie will lose it's meaning.... & i wonder why everyone thinks my surname is cai because of the caisiminjie gmail acc.

i still like this name more....
hope.... it's just more simple to have hope in life then wish for anything else....
it case u're wondering, estel means hope in elvish. i've sworn to myself that i'll nvr ever get a christian / english name. so estelwen is strictly elvish, not eng! nah nah nay nah! getit?

a small cookie is nvr enuff for me!!

ME HUNGRY!!!!!!!!

snapshot of me & my dearie hui. she brought a camera today & started taking photos of anything that moves XD haha no lar, she just very zi lian den take pict of herself :P hor? :P

paiseh... i wonder when's e only time i'm normal too. *grins*
my sis commented on my gd complexion. it mean it's very difficult to get a gd comment out of her so this is gd! HOHOHO

tml, be prepared to witness the 8th horror of the world, nyjcians cheering is a sight to behold. with uncordinated moves, cheer leaders with a tendency to self high, shrill cries of ppl who dun noe how to cheer besides screaming, u can haf a whale of a time. which warrants for me nt wanting to, & will nt be there.
tickets to see nyjc cheer will be sold at -US$100. notice the negative sign? it means we're actually giving u money to watch nyjcians cheer!!! isn't that e best bargain u can ever get in singapore?! har har har?!

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