Monday, May 22, 2006

何も言わないでも こんな気持ちが
Although it'd be good if these feelings found their way into your heart without me needing to speak a word...

ok this is crap....

apparently college day is crap....
surprise me nyjc... i'm waiting for tt day.

ok dun laugh at me but i spend my last 2 days watching cardcaptor sakura...
most of e time i was laughing my head off with e homosexual & other weird themes like teacher student love & puppy love... it's kinda of disgusting how this kind of kid-themed anime can haf so many subtle hints of weird sexual relationships. but i had fun watching Syaoran & sakura doing the most childish stuff u cld ever think of. i got used to e high pitched squealing after a few episodes & i realised that a very trademark laughter used by zhixin to freak ppl out is actually frm cardcaptor sakura too. *grins*

my friend keeps asking me to watch naruto. *squirms* i dun noe why but just don't seem to like it. shit i better nt be addicted to anime.

anyway, i can't understand how ppl actually lie so blatently unless she is totally unaware of my relationship with my friend when i spend half of my time with her in lep room. who in e right mind wld tell u smthing so twisted that it sounds so wrong & there's a high possibility that i wld ask my friend what truly happened? what are u trying to do? convince me u're right when e facts are against u? or maybe she forgot i take hist & am more aware of what it is to find out 2 sides of e story.... she needs to grow up...

i made a promise that i would never leave u, & would always be by ur side, assuming that these feelings would last....

it's so funny how we always fail to keep promises of how we'll be by ur side & all this cliche & romantic rubbish? notice that all these promises are made in some circumstances that facilitated its short lived life span
1. the person was crying
2. the person was feeling blue & a whole lot of negative emtions
3. u're madly in love with e person
4. u've just got to know e person (let's say ard a few weeks to a few months?)

so if any of e above mentioned situations occured, u gave her/him ur promise, out of pity, love etc. forgetting that feelings & ppl changes over time. in time, u wld come to
1. regret
2. love the person less (quarrels, affairs etc)
or be seperated either physically or spiritually by a multitude of factors

so we always whine when ppl dun keep their promises of being there, forgetting tt things might have changed alot frm e time e promise was made till now, that we are nt as close we first started out. it's always sad, it's always true.

maybe it's e song i'm listening to, but i keep having this hallucination tt my hp is ringing.. damnit.
i've been thinking of a new blog add. (some ass took this add & hasn't updated since may 2004. i wanna stab her.)

haixxxxxx....... how?

~Let him who would move the world, first move himself.

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