Tuesday, March 28, 2006

i feel like puking my dinner out.... i feel unwell *faints*

& i haven been seeing zhixin in sch for quite a while too... e lep room seems so much quiter w.o her.. (is tt a gd thing or a bad thing? XD *grins*)
& stupid faith has exams so i wun be seeing her ard too... yes darling pls go & slp or else u might juz lose ur way in sch

i'm so afraid tt all these will nt last... it's kinda of freaky... & i dun blame it on paronia since teachers always have this tendency to miscalculate my marks & award me with higher marks, only to have me finding out later that i actually got much lower... *foams* * prays hard*

my hcl hasn't been good... shit... *STABS MYSELF*

we fall in love because of curiousity, we fall out of love because of reality...
true? i realised tt i can actually brainwash myself to nt believe in smthing but this process takes me ard half a year before it really works... although it's quite a painful process though... haix... self denial... sighx

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