Saturday, March 25, 2006

there's always this one big main reason i don't get manga & i nvr will... (refer to attached pict) will someone kindly tell me what just happened in that pict?

i guess that's e reason why i don't fare well for pict description for oral exams too... sighx...
i always have this problem when reading manga... even after my attempts by ppl who know what exactly is going on in e manga to explain to me to read from which box to which box... i'll just go "o.O huh?!!? did smthing just happen?" when i read it... so yar... kill me for being stupid..

anyway... i suddenly have a immense craving for this ayumi song... i have no idea what e song title is because i dun understand jap plus e lyrics... and e damn part just keeps playing in my head... so i need to play e whole song to clear it off my brain.. >< am i making sense? i know it goes smthing like kimi ni? & e music's quite bombastic @ e beginning too... *pulls hair* i tried looking thru all e ayumi lyrics but it didn't work... *foams*

i've been having this immense urge too to just pop back into cedar cldds... just to haf fun.. haha.. oh well.. i wanted to pass smthing to jj todae but i cldn't get out of bed... sheesh.. *trots off to slp again*

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