Friday, October 28, 2005

sometimes goodbye though it hurts in ur heart is the only way for destiny
sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me
though it's the hardest thing to say
i'll miss your love in everyway
so say goodbye
but don't you cry
because true love never dies

wonderful events that happened this week
2 farewells
1 heated argument
countless tears shed
uncountable heartaches

i therefore conclude my week was immensely memorable... i wrote the lyrics in my friends' autograph book in secondary 4. today it just kept playing in my mind, in a very pathetic attempt to make myself numb... HL was saying i'm so mature & blah blah for not cryin... haha... it's not mature.... it's just undeniably self denial...
i cried like hell during ms leong's farewell ceremony.... not that she's closer to me on a personal note... she has just touched my life in many ways... she just came to represent cedar... i wanted to write alot to her, to thank her for the countless contributions to the school, however, it came out as a short paragrah which would just put anyone to shame i guess... she couldn't rmb my name... i guess that didn't matter... as long as my presence let her to know she has touched the lifes of Cedarians... suddenly feel like going AJC.. why can't NYJC have a better principal? at least i'll look forward to going school

dun feel like talking to anyone... not even msg... wonderful...
i feel disconnected... haha..
he has been talking to me online recently... dun feel like talking to him though
human's shld be dumb... den we will all be happy!
no one likes goodbyes, cus it signifies an end, but we always forget that the end is not everything, for it also represents a new beginning... there is regret, there is sadness, there is a sense of not wanting to let go... but tt's life...
change is the only constant... ms leong was our inspiration, our friends were our motivation... i'm writing crap... headache...
i shld start writing philosophies... but i can't think properly....

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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