Sunday, October 09, 2005

check out which religion u are suited for!


i feel stupid & guilty... shall not state the specific reason...
the lyrics above are taken from the song shen hua by chen long and jin xi shan.
not take i love this movie (have no intention of watching it) or that i idolize chen long but this part of the song sung by jin xi shan in korean is superb... really, i mean it... (how come it sounds sarcarstic... nvm.. but yar i like her voice)
just that chen long's very chi ko pek voice spoils the song... sad sad.... how come this kind of guy can exist in the world? and worst thing is my brother simply loves him... urgh! that is disgusting...

exams over... i was too tired to blog yesterday... rushed all the way to orchard & somerset to change modem after my exams.... talked to lynn today.... realised that my pw group is still considered not bad as coompared to hers... i don't really get to have a break...something urgent cropped up with the lep web... still doing the program thing... hope to finish this soon

am writing in short point form sentence structures follwed by 3 dots ... lame... i still feel damn tired... urgh urgh... why am i the webmaster? jas is so much better... i'm juz a newbie.... haix

i am currently obsessed with legolas greenleaf of mirkwood (still), asakurah yoh, kaito kid

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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