Friday, February 24, 2006

this is the best day i had since the start of... hmm... last week?

first great thing that happened today
me & faith sat outside her hist classroom & we started gossiping & i learnt of the most horrible of truth my whole entire life... okay lame but i had a good laugh as in literally wanted to scream & strangle my darlin fiance... later we were joined by 2 guys/gays which we had fun insulting...

second great thing that happened today
me & zhixin started doing e most lame stuff that 1 can imagine, ok it's nt zhixin fault cus i was the one who started this insanity... well u see she sort of went abit gahgahx after hearing the opening part of jj's song with jj saying sarang heyo in a very low husky voice. being the kind hearted & a very model citizen, i started repeating the sarang heyo part of continuously so that my dear comrade can get her fill of jj's husky sarang heyo... guess both of us basically went instantaneously insane as we laughed our heads off...

i haven't laughed so happily for a while... most of the time is just insane madness laughter that is meant to generate noise & cause public disturbance..

btw, i don't get it when someone asks y someone can seem to smile/laugh 24/7, isit because he/she has no troubles whatsoever...
is this supposed to be a stupid question? i'm srry but i think it's irritating cus it's damn lame to just look at someone at face value & it's just impossible to be trouble free...the assumption itself is just plain stupid. or maybe it just irks me that people are unable to understand ppl who are high most of the time... they either think these ppl don't eat their medication properly, is an reincarnation of a clown, is insane & shld aviod at all cost plus all other rubbish. i'm srry but i've been a victim of such "discrimination"

& i always have this impluse to blog after every session tt is attented by this honourable guest, vip aka very idiotic piece (of shit). how does it feel to have words put into your mouth by some asshole? how does it feel to have ur answers copied by others & to be rephrased in such a horrible form tt u can just go bang ur head against the wall & die... this is made more irritating when someone wants to share their personal experience & she keeps interupting to add very stupid/bimbotic/lame comments tt is totally not needed... for all i care, pls fuck off & die.

i've also found out tt the reason behind me not being able to connect with a certain grp of ppl is with us having very different mentalities & looking at things from a very different angle, there is no common understanding, thus the inability for us to click together... but trust me, they're nice ppl, just tt some of us prefer on insisting whether or not the RMB60 was paid as promised...

idealism & reality don't mix... idealism exist in ur dreams, with those striving for it failing terribly... idealism is a form of self escapism. reality is here, now.

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