Monday, March 05, 2007

to nowhere

echizen is right, we're nt allowed to fail in sg so for fucks sake let us just migrate to japan and have fun & maybe i'll just have so much more fun rotting there than here.

or maybe i'm just bitter & all, nt understanding why it has to turn out this way, or maybe why i'm treated like i've just failed & lost my "whole bright future" with me when i'm expected to perform e best, if nt second best to my cousins who got themselves into ntu/nus. so right, they didn't have to tell me tt i've failed, they didn't even have to bother to label because i wld have willingly taken up tt label anyway.

so life goes on, & i continue my wait, for e final journey... to nowhere.

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Faith said...

you should watch the pursuit of happyness. will smith says something like, "dont let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do. not even me. just because they can't do it, they tell you that you cannot do it."