Tuesday, March 27, 2007

u are my sunshine

my sis says tt at e rate i'm downloading dramas/movies/songs illegally with scant regard for e law, e first thing she wld do when e policeman approaches e door with handcuffs in his hands wld be
" i wldn't even wait for him to open his mouth, i'll just point to u & pretend i dun noe u *snorts*"

wadever ding ding ding

i told my students tt i'll be having test tml
"good luck ms yeo!" shouted e enthusiastic one
"ms yeo u nt student still need to take test ah" screamed e ask stupid questions one
"ms yeo wad if u fail? " -_-||

later tt kid called me after sch & said: " ms yeo, when e results come out must tell me okay?"

lol, there's a reason i why i love them so much. they really really do make my day.

meanwhile, all e best for my test *trots off to slp*


ZX aka MVW XD said...

Oh yo yo yo yo!!^^
Good luck darling! =D *waves pink silk handkerchief*
wo men yong yuan zhi chi ni! *screams like a fanatic fan* (urm...fanatic fan = repitition? aiyah...who cares...)
Hoho keep cool & make the markers (not the stationery but the humans LOL) fall off their chairs with your brilliant answers =D

ZX aka MVW =) said...

*sighs* I had typed:


but it turned out as:

zx aka mvw xd

So blame it on Blogger! And it's not a code...though if the sequel to "Da Vinci Code" is "Zhi Xin Code" I'll be more than happy =)

*crows fly by*

estelwen said...

LOL XD love u babe! all e best for ur block test results !