Tuesday, March 13, 2007


she is my da yi ma. XD she lost her husband to a car accident after being married to him for a year. at that time, my cousin was only a year old while the other cousin wasn't even born yet.

she's hip and she was one of e first aunties to get her hair dyed. i rmb there was once where we went to carrefour together where she followed me and my sis to the CD section. she took up e ear phone and put it to her ears, shaking her body slightly to e music. after a while, she took off e earphones and passed it to me and my sis. "wah, very hot leh", she said, referring to the music tt she was listening to. curious, i put on the earphones, expecting it to be canto pop oldie. if i didn't rmb wrongly, it was a1's newest song, take on me. i rmb liking her alot after tt. XD

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