Sunday, March 18, 2007


this is e 3rd time i've painted my nails in 1 wk! aren't u surprised? pls reward me with hugs & kisses. *slots rewards of hugs & kisses here*

& e reason y i'm nt telling u anything is because we're just lacking in smthing. trust. obviously, u're quite ignorant of tt & and blissfully living in a self dellusional relationship which i by all means am nt willing to commit. i've been betrayed too many times to trust ppl. trusting ppl makes me feel sick. & i'm perfectly fine living as a loner. i'm paranoid. wadever.

& just because we beliefs lie in different directions doens't mean i've never believed in u. it's always more of how u nvr believed me to let me into wad u saw & yet let urself into my world.

i dun noe y i'm writing random stuff. & my recent entries have been very vulgar.

my brain hasn't been thinking. bwahaha. maybe everything will just settle down after may. hopefully. meanwhile, i'm just looking forward to e special day which can cheer me up.


teaching kids have made me understand y ppl are behaving this way & why they won't change despite knowingly or unknowingly irritating alot of ppl. it has given me so much patience & love, & less anger towards ppl whom i was unable to accept in e past. yet, kh e birdbrain will remain e only exception.

is random & gibberish again. take care peeps.

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