Friday, March 30, 2007

child @ heart

did i tell u how much i love kids? i love laughing along together with them, i love playing their stupid little games like chasing them around e playgrd (yes and apparently i'm e only teacher crazy enuff to do tt) or classroom, or just playing scissors paper stone with them, if they win, they get to go to the toilet or drink water XD and because of this, they love to go to the toilet now cus they get to play scissors paper stone with me. *dies*

now i find myself going to bookshops to buy or paying closer attention to kawaii stickers, cute notepads, pink cartoon pencil boxes, or power ranger or pokemon kraks. yes kraks. it's this stupid plastic round plastic circles tt kids have so much fun playing o.o

it's so weird to go back to childhood again, yet for now i'm just having lots of fun with e kids. XD

i realise how impt it is to always live for e moment & nvr look back. i know tt even though i'm hanging on to alot of regrets right now, there's alot of joy to be found in everyday life to actually burden myself with fear.
maybe in e near future, i might just be a unemployed apathetic youth sitting in e middle of orchard rd wasting my life away, i might some ah lian because i might too depressed tt i got into nowhere. but tt doesn't really matter now does it?
i am happy for now, going out with friends, bitching, gossiping, eating ajisen, saving up for salmon buffet....
i want to live simply because i'm living. i am alive, i am real. right here, right now.


chee said...

Loved ur students! Damn cute la~

Zhuang said...

i know love you little cute brother...haha

estelwen said...

zhuang: lol yarrrr my bro is cute :P

chee: lol, yar they are, definitely XD