Thursday, March 22, 2007


like e name Danielle, estelwen came up as a random creation during my craze for LOTR related goodies including learning e elvish language, elvish alphabet etc. but somehow when someone calls me by a name other than ysm, it still freaks me out quite alot sometimes.

maybe it's just another fictional me created online, maybe it's what i'm known as when i blog, aka e weaker side of me which makes me feel vulnerable when it is actually being"called" into e real world.

~dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux~

just what is good for e child? teach less learn more? i mean seriously, when their foundations are weak, how do u teach less? how do they even explore if they have no basic knowledge to begin with?

true, we may have been so accustomed to drilling of information since young, the memorizing of tenses, the memorizing of comparative adjectives, yet these are e things which built e foundation of a child.

how can we even trust a p2 child to do independent learning? how do they even learn in a classroom without walls? so what if e classroom is more spacious? it's even more tiring for e teacher to shout across 3 classrooms, it's even more tiring for e teacher to teach a class when e other 2 classes are making noise. a child cannot focus on his own and cannot be left to his devices because they have yet to reach the stage where they can analyse what is good or bad for their future, or rationing which shld come first, work or play. even i cannot do tt smtimes o.o

and in e end, there'll always be a child left behind, with his fate left there to be judged by others despite his tender age. it's like we can already picture a future for him, bleak & hopeless, just striving for self survival. they do nt learn, cannot learn & they refuse to learn. they are nt allowerd to repeat sch, just move forward with e flow & hopefully just get out of e system and survive in e society.

pray just let us go back to our old ways for e better of the children.

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