Thursday, March 29, 2007

a politically correct entry

i've been uber uber high recently, especially during staff contact, giving others e feeling tt i'm super enthusiastic about staying back in sch till ard 6pm. thus hiding my intense hatred for e stupid meeting.

but hey, at least i'm nt falling asleep during staff contact now since sweet ms goh is sitting beside me & keeping me awake with her laughter. i used to just drop dead during e meeting even if i'm sitting diagonally in front of the principal. i mean it was that boring interesting.

and now when i'm trying to recall what we did for staff contact today, i vaguely rmb sparkling apple juice, some grapes and sandwiches being passed around. as for what really happened, i think my brain sort of automatically blocked e information out...

* tries hard to recall *

a teacher will be following me around this few wks to observe me so tt she can take over my job when i leave. she's giving me alot of stress.
let me count the ways
1. i don't follow the timetable. i teach maths during eng, ss & health education periods. (which is surprising considering how i detested this slimy subject) i teach english during maths period.

2. i bully/scold students, so i hate teachers to be actually around when i bully/scold them.

3. i don't go by the book when i'm teaching. meaning, i print my own worksheets, i give them homework which by right i'm nt supposed to do. so when i'm doing something illegal, i don't really like anyone around to catch me red handed.

4. i am not a model to learn from. i make alot of mistakes, in fact, i'm still learning! how can i expect someone to follow me around when i'm still learning?

5. i speak singlish to the students. which is highly unacceptable. but i realised tt when i start speaking perfect english to them, i sound like a nutcase and they don't understand nutcases. so i'm going to leave a very bad impression to the teacher cus i'm weird.

lol am i even making sense for e 5th point? i guess nt. i still have nus application.
honestly, i'm just banging everything on ntu and nie. i can't choose engineering just to get a degree cus either way, doing smthing tt i total have no idea and no passion will kill me.

hongyi e genius teacher who walks around the sch to get paid 65 bucks a month while we slog our guts out will be leaving. hahahaha XD i'll miss having him ard.

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Faith said...

your 5th point makes total sense. haha. love love love your blog!!!