Tuesday, March 20, 2007

move on will ya?

is highly abnormal & moody

is highly shittified. is stupid & irritated.

stupidstupidstupid. i have minutes nt done, ntu and nus crap nt submitted, i have tons of work nt marked & i just feel like dying.

and i know my blog is making u depressed so u can dun read it if u want to.

and maybe if u start realising how abnormal everyone is, u'll just feel like u nt being part of e world doesn't make much of a difference.

everyone was giving me tt so pitiful look. or maybe i was being paranoid. blood blood blood

wad is e so much i can do? i hate u calling me a failure, i hate u insinuating things. ahaahaha

i'm just tired, dead tired, brain dead. sorry

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