Thursday, March 08, 2007


to think i was actually disgusted with myself for indulging in retail therapy & chiding myself for being a prdt of consumerism. is lame.

and i wanted to reward myself for being able to buy 2 pieces of clothing because i actually have a phobia of buying clothes. maybe it's because i tore a cheongsum last time when i was trying it in the fitting room(i was very fat last time ok?? nt my fault...) so yar, i just threw a cheongsum in e fitting room & ran out of e shopping centre. so yar, i do have a phobia shopping for clothes.

so rite, i'm now on a shopping spree....

*is dead tired*


Jasmine said...

*hug* There's nothing wrong with retail therapy. (of course, this coming from someone who practises it too often.. XD)


Miao said...

I used to hate shopping too, but am loving it these days. I need to exercise self-control... :/