Monday, August 28, 2006

we all die in e end....

apologies are used as excuses, no matter how many times u claim tt it isn't, it still is e only way where u can explain ur "actions" plus a whole lot of sorrys, i shldn't have done it, i'm selfish, & what have u.
whatever it is, it's just crying over spilt milk, how many chances do u think soceity gives u for making mitakes? & why shld u be given e chance if u knew it was wrong in e first place? oh wait. u didn't even know u were in e wrong, offending ppl, going ard sprouting bullshits before smone has to remind u tt u are in e wrong tt u realise how SORRY u are, how GUILTY u are, how much u wanna CHANGE. sounds to me like more bullshit.
u didn't even realise u were in e wrong, u were only responding to what others deemed was wrong. it's just a cover for all ur crap, for all ur inabilities to understand this complicated world. it's just a desperate attempt for u to behave what u tot was accepted by ur frends, not what u tot was rite. so what's e point of apologizing if u noe u'll commit it again?

i am still disappointed...
i do nt understand y. somehow i must be dellusioning myself tt apologies always mean e end of everything. it does nt. so just take it as i'm dumb. but e fact tt i expected this sort of things to come out frm a piece of mosh, i'm proud of myself for knowing what was going on in tt puny brain of urs. manipulative? hahaha, dun make me laugh.

change is e only constant.
i don't know what this means, with all e crying & stuff, it's kinda of affecting me already.
as long as e 1st step is taken, i guess there's no turning back.

i don't know how i'm gonna cope w/o the things tt has been a part of my life since i was a child...

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