Tuesday, August 01, 2006

brink of war?

if one things humans are good at, it's not in science & technology, nor is it staying religious & faithful to what they believe in, but rather the ability to find excuses & reason for the most absurd things one can imagine.

it's the easiest way out, it's the least painful & least embarrasing way to push away all ur faults & blame it on smthing else.

take one hard look @ urself everytime someone points out ur mistakes. what is ur first reaction to this kind of statement? do u instintively try to explain ur inexplicable behaviour? or do u really pause to reflect that maybe u've done something wrong?

i don't believe in angels, demons, reincarnations, ghost & all that karma crap. because if u do good, if u live a good life w.o manipulating others for ur selfish needs & desires, who cares abt karma? just like no one can walk over u unless u let them do it. no one can force u to commit evil unless u urself let them do it. there is nvr one simple reason for an action. a attention seeker seeks attention not only to get attention, but love & security & understanding. if u can for once stop thinking of excuses for what u've done wrong, & instead look at what ur heart really wants & lacks. u can definitely get these things that u need, respect, love, understanding & security, by respecting, loving, & understanding others in return.

the beauty of nature is that it has this set of laws that will give us what is our due...

learn to love others as u wld love urself
learn to understand others as u wish to understand urself
learn to respect others as u wld respect urself...

only then will others love u, respect u, understand u & give u all these wonderful things that u desire.


Stewart on Lebanon Coverage

brink of war?
what does it take for u ppl to lose the question mark? 300 rockets in 3 days?

smtimes, we need to care a little more abt the humantiy & so much less on e money...

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