Sunday, August 27, 2006

of weirdos, e other species

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smtimes, esp now, is nt a gd time for me to be involved in adult's affairs....
i think e only think tt can separate us frm adults is tt they can nvr understand what we're going thru in sch, & we can nvr understand what they're going thru at work.
smhow there's always this line tt separates us. maybe it's e asian mentality. maybe it's e pride.
maybe it's in men tt they have this huge ego thing that is drilled into them
to be successful, u need to have
1. a career
2. to be able to support ur familiy

so if they are unable to fulfil either of the criteria, they feel extremely guilty & their ego will start deflating like crazy. it's e one thing i'll nvr understand abt these ppl, their closely guarded pride & their unspoken code of conduct for men.

they'll always think we are kids. we'll always think they are adults. call it e generation gap. i have no idea how he wants to keep all this stuff & move on. it'll be sad if all those nice machines & tt private space of our own is gone.... but somehow reality is always tt cruel to take things away frm us.
it never fails. it never fails...

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