Monday, August 07, 2006


i made faith scream a very operatic scream on e bus today. & then when i alighted e bus, i started blowing kisses @ her. i tot i saw this poor middle age lady who look so absolutely disgusted & some other passengers who tot i must be a lesbian stalker or smthing. i hope nanyang makes e headlines on STOMP (ST BLOG) with this. MUAHAHA

i'm cranky, ignore me. no wait, don't ignore me, laugh @ my crankiness.... crank crank crank.

smtimes u think it's so dramatic but when u've seen light & u've finally come to understand what e person truly is, their motives & crazy obsession with things tt becomes their driving force. it is as if e spotlight is focused on them alone. u become oblivious to e surrounding. u observe their every move, their every word. u interact with them like u wld interact with a lab mice. u prod & prode at them, hoping tt they will fall to ur bait & let u prove ur hypothesis abt them right....

u have nthing but pity, curiosity & scorn for this thing. this thing tt u once knew. this thing tt u tot u knew.....

let me tell u my plan of human domination

as i slowly gain e confidence of humans
by doing crazy things to make them smile
by subjecting urself to their "manipulation"
so that they will see u as a harmless creature
something to be bullied
something to let out their anger & frustrations on.

but in ur heart u smile to urself
for u know these are just part of a greater plan

to let them think they are in ctrl
to let them think they can trust u
slowly as they open up & tell u all their secrets
u will soak it all up like sponge
& keep it there shld they come useful one day...

slowly their dependence on ur grows.
their live's routine must involve u
10am breakfast together 12 noon study in library 6pm walk together to the bustop

u've tamed them
u're holding on to their leash.
pathetic creatures

then when e day comes where u realise tt u've come to take up a huge part of their lives
u dissappear

u're sure they feel lost now
they might be lamenting ur passing
they might be crying for ur return
their daily routine with u is in chaos as their lives slowly fall apart.

but u realise tt they will soon adapt
they will soon depend on new ppl
they will soon grow to forget u
they will soon grow to live w.o u

& tt's when u realise tt no one actually died because u died.
& realised how stupid u are...

damn it's just a freaking daydream....