Thursday, August 24, 2006

thank you, & have a nice day

they always say that the children of broken families are always e most vulnerable.

they do not have adults to fend for them when they have problems in school.
they have to face the stigma of being labelled as different/special
they do not have adults to teach them the rights & wrongs of society
they feel lost & alone when things go wrong...

the worse one of all,
they have to carry e burdens of adults, the burden of a broken family, & a even greater burden of being e sole breadwinner of the family when e adult is unable to take up this basic responsibility.

we can't blame e adults, or maybe we can.
but sometimes i wonder what fault has e child committed, to be unfairly assigned to carry such a heavy load, to be deprived of the basic entity of what consist of a family & to carry e negative label of coming frm a broken family. what have they done to deserve this?

i wld have told u to run away had society not taught me abt responsibilities. i wld have given all to give u what was denied of u, but it is not within my means.

i really hope u will be okay. i know there are alot of things u have not told me. i know some things are not meant to be known. i wld have gladly shared ur burden, i wld have wanted to be there for u everytime u cry. but i know tt whatever i do, it is not enough to erase e scar, it is not enought to lighten ur load.

we both had dreams when we first met. i was driven by self, u were driven by family. we're still on track, i think we are....

pls be strong, for ur family, & most imptly for urself.


they always say that children of broken families are always e most vulnerable...
what they didn't say, is tt such a child will always be the most resilient, most determined, & most unique.

i feel tired

of e ppl ard me

cold acting manipulative...

it's really annoying tt 1 day u promised urself tt u're done with this person & another person throws herself @ u with another personality problem

u have to act as if u don’t know

u have to probe slowly in cause u’re afraid of their oh so fragile hearts shattering into smitherins.

No one can be trusted, some are just plain stupid tt they’ll blurt out everything u say to the others, some just think tt u’re extra sensitive & think u shld get a life, some just want to pull u into e fray so tt u can be their cushion when they fall.

I just wasn’t born to lie….

I am sick of all this shit. & teachers aren’t very helpful either when they ask u if u want to get into a uni. What do they mean? That I can’t? isn’t that a DUH question? Are they being stupid?

I am tired of all this shit. & soon, I will be sweeping the university grounds too. So ladies & gentlemen, please rmb to flush e toilets, dun throw toilet papers ard e toilet bowl & keep e toilets clean to make my job there as a cleaner nxt year easier…

Thank u & have a nice day ahead.

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