Thursday, August 17, 2006

shhh... i'm pottering

yes 4 those assholes who keep telling me to study & are also e ones who keep bloody damn it disturb me, fuck urselves, drown in e swimming pool, & say hi to me when u're in hell.
i repeat, if u're younger den me, & nt my sis, fuck off abt my studies, i've ate more salt den u've eaten more rice so fuck off bastards....

ok i'm just nt in gd mood because mr carrot took my 5 mins off preprelims & i was halfway thru my SEA essay. i dun want to treat e whole class to a drink just because i didn't get 20 marks ok? what do u think i am? a water cooler?

& my diet of binge eating is getting worse. my weight is hovering dangerously near 60kg & i don't believe tt it's because i've grown taller. i look like i'm freaking 3 mths pregnant & it's nt funny to have salesperson call u aunty.
this aunty at e accupunture centre thought i was pri 5. please just don't talk to me @ all.

please excuse me, my brain needs to shit....

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