Wednesday, August 02, 2006


let me make some predictions of my love life.

i most probably won't get married. not because i'm les but rather because i choose not to get married.

ok actually tt's not my prediction but my tuition teacher's. u wonder what he's doing since he shld be teaching me econs facts instead but by some random coincidence, he started predicting what me & friend's future wld be which i think was quite true. for my case.

he said i was a person who was on friendly terms with everyone (i guess we're talking abt guys here) but will not express my love for e guy shld i happen to be interested in him. as for my friend, it's e opposite because if she really likes e guy, it'll just be very obviously shown in her actions, and also because my tution teacher thinks she's very horny. so eventually because of me not being able to freely express my love for the guy, i will eventually choose not to marry.

i think it's because of e way i'm brought up. it's e conservative thinking & stuff u noe. dun gush over guys & dun go crazy over guys because it makes u appear cheap. tt's why there's this natural reaction to supress this kind of rubbish inside. so i guess i'll just flirt with everyone so u won't know who i'm really interested in. it works, doesn't it? :P

wad cha think? XD


much that need to be said wasn't said. much that did not need to be said was not said.
not that i expected anything much but i sort of didn't realise that sometimes we needed as much help as the ppl we were trying to help. 8 ppl with 8 totally different working styles & characters were just not a best combination to help ppl change & see their fault. some prefer some approach, some felt that this doesn't concern them, some cldn't make a head or tail of wad's going on...

i wasn't dissapointed or anything. i just wondered if this was what we had set out to do initially & what had we achieved in the end. yes the process the important but so is the results.

all that has been done has not been done. but what we could do within our means, we did. e rest is just really not within any of our ctrl because our lives can't possibly centre around this. if they can't learn, then no one else can learn it from them....

tt's e limitation of life & how far we can go.....

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