Wednesday, August 09, 2006

don't teach me how to think

lies are meant to manipulate ppl, to create a dellusion....

don't teach me how to think when u can't even think for urself
don't teach me how to think when u can't even differentiate b/w right & wrong
don't teach me how to think when u can't even think for others

don't teach me how to think

do not tell me u've seen the world when u've been living in dellusions
do not tell me i'm wrong when u are not right

i do not know why i am so angered & frustrated by the stupidity, or that i feel so frustrated not being able to get answers, my temper fly, & then a whole lot of emotions flood me...

maybe...or maybe, the fear of the unknown drove me to e extreme...

i realised tt universe is not governed by a single rule & tt there are always different answers to different questions. i cannot search for a single answer to my life, nor can i hope to find answers to my life. we are always so eager to find answers the easy & quickest way tt we lunge ourselves @ everything tt seems to allow us to stay afloat. we are too obsessed with answers tt we forget that e most important part of finding answers is not the answers but the process of finding, questioning & understanding it...

thanks to miao for leaving this note. it enlightened me alot. :)

对有些人而言宗教信仰是一种心灵的寄托 其实只要能让人醍醐灌顶 灌输美德 任何宗教信仰都是好的 只是有太多人对宗教的信仰已达至盲目的地步了 追根究底这是人类本身的错 不是宗教的错 其实我的看法是 有些人愿意为了宗教而牺牲生命的根本原因是为了满足自己的虚荣心 他们要证明自己的存在是伟大的 是有价值的 于是他们选择为宗教捐躯 来让自己的生命更有所谓的意义 其实神的存在价值就是让我们相信自己活得有价值 所以神永远都不会灭亡 因为人类永远都在寻找生活的意义 很吊诡的是 很多时候 人类就是在寻寻觅觅的过程中生存 而不是生活

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