Tuesday, August 22, 2006

retards & teenage angst

it's 1.31 & damn it i have to go sch tml....
i cldn't make up my mind lar but i tell u i dun feel well okay?
i've been reading zui weng ting ji for e past 1 hr & nthing gets in.

am i not making sense?

sometimes i think hatred stems frm fear
but i think sometimes hatred stems frm e fact tt u cannot understand
but e most important thing is tt hatred stems frm e fact tt u can't help but be disgusted with it

there is no beauty in greatness, it's just plain ugliness, selfishness & cowardice.

which is why i pity u. it's so sad it has come to this stage where it is just pity, that sad but whatever it is, i just can't.

contempt & pity.

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