Sunday, August 20, 2006

u are acting like an idiot

yesh with regards to narcissistic & attention seeking ppl, this is especially dedicated to U!
yes dun turn ur head ard to see if it's someone else. it's U U U!

it doesn't matter if u are manipulative or nt, it doesn't matter if u have "connections" or nt, it doesn't matter if u have "skill" or nt. stop thinking for once u rock (which i understand is impossible for u since u thrive on being a rock)

u noe wad, u'll end up hurting urself e most. hurting wadever image that is left of u. u continue to be enclose in ur own world of greatness. the truth is u can't manipulate ppl forever. unless e other person u manipulate is a narcissist like u too. den hallelujah. or else, ppl will move on, & u'll always be left there. just there.

for ppl who've been manipulated or have come into contact with such asses, some to e extent of bastards. i can only say tt i have learnt some most important lessons in my life & i've grown much stronger & independent too. so don't take it as u've fell, take it as u've been given smthing to aid u in ur journey of growing & learning.

so keep learning & keep moving forward...
some ppl are just not worth ur time...


updates on my ahmah

my ahmah has also gone on a attention seeking strike, refusing to eat food, wanting to swallow her dentures to choke herself, wanting to strangle herself etc...

guess she's just depressed she can't walk. i hate tt stupid maid. she pays more attention to her bf den to my grandma... like HELLO?? we didn't hire u to let u have a chance to get a bf. & it's because she was too obsesses with her bf that my ahmah fell okay? dun noe why they still keeping her.


i sound like a bimbo!!!! *stabs myself*

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