Saturday, January 21, 2006

this is my favourite principal of my favourite school... *hugs e photo of ms leong* TURE BLUE CEDARIAN...

the courtyard:
the palce where i have the most wonderful memories of the school... the place where we had reflections every morning. Ms susan leong would remind us constantly of the realities of life, to tell us her life in cambridge where there was a system in which students didn't have to go to the librarian to borrow books... it was up to ur own initiative & responsibility to borrow and return the books.. the place where i saw the prefect councillors at work... there was once when the PA system screwed up, a PC actually took the initiative to stand on the platform to shout out all our announcements to the whole school & the whole sch kept very silent to listen to the announcements, and we cheered for her after that... it was just this special sch spirit, i haven found it any where ever since...

the asthetic rooms, specifically AS1:
the second most important place to me... where our weekly CLDDS meetings were held, from a tiny nerdy sec 1, i was given the chance to lead a group where u had a big segregation b/w the locals & PRCs. ironically, i always sided with the PRCs... and am still in close contact with a few of them... it took me a few years to actually feel totally accepted by this close community, where i get to sneak into their hostel to celebrate their birthdays, eat the canteen food in e hostel F.O.C (which is actually not allowed...XD hehe)

the chinese & japnese gardens:
the place where i spent the least time there... but it is one of the most wonderful place of the school... haha... a place for us to use as a backdrop for our graduation photos XD

the foyer! where me & lynn would always stay after our CCAs to wait for her mum to drive her home...

we didn't get the best class of the year, with a hypocritical teacher who kept picking on our backrow clique because we are moer chinese orientated... but the class is one the best class all the same... sharon, shiying and me, the 3 crazy nut cases who would crack the most lame jokes during class, imitate teachers, scream at each other during class because we sit at 2 different ends of the classroom.. haha... i miss u guys lots...

this is my favourite food, chocolates!!!.... okay actually i have a whole list of other favourite foods like banana, eggs... but i think i can survive on chocolates only diet... hehe... somemore dark chocolates are good for health.

i pod nano... something that i desperately want & need most.. my present cd player is screwed up & is kept in working condition by superglue.... the stop buttons are nt working... >.< *sobssobs* i want a mp3 player!!! *embraces materialism* bleahx.... sighx
my very first adobe product done on jasmine's silva in woodland's freezing cold library... i love jasmine *hugs* btw, if u aren't able to see the red words clearly, it says "jasmine's darling." with a very kawaii & cool looking echizen ryoma.... *imagines jasmine fan gurling & hyperventilating XD*

my very first major event in nyjc.... there were periods of ups and downs... but i guess this is the best so far XD

gahx.... hhaha... i miss them all

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