Sunday, January 22, 2006

my first "normal" conversation with kahhui...

*i send e LEP ppt to him thru msn*

KH: hi (comments by author: btw i think this red colour is damn gay...)
can send me through email??

SM: erm
SM: the thing is too big

KH: ok

den nvm bahx
SM:tml den u see
SM:nt much changes

KH:i try from here
KH: give it a try

*i send e ppt again, the previous one is nt accepted by him, i just wanted him to shut him up.*

KH: cos it does not usually work
KH:who noes?
KH: :)
KH: i try now

* i send e bird brain e ppt again, he finally accepts it*

btw did lynette tell u abt the change in e ppt?

KH: yup

SM: the video for jing ke has been shifted to e second slide
SM: yeah

SM: tt's abt all

KH: juz called her


KH: tml we stayin late???
KH: yup
KH: got it
KH: thanks

SM: yar 5pm
SM: u confirm with xiaoying bahx

hey u feeling better??

SM: er yar
KH:juz wanna ask
KH:cos am relli afraid
KH:dun want to lose my frenz...
KH:if u are seeing dis
KH:a word of sorry may not be able to write off everyhting
KH:but still i gotta
KH:i may not be able to understand the stress u went through
KH:but i do hope dere is a chance to patch things up
(author's notes: JUZ SHUT UP... H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E)

SM:hey srry


tml u see the ppt bahx
: bye

*i left e conversation, fully aware that the ppt is still in the process of sending but i can't be bothered... i was just plain disgusted by his speech, or what he prepared to say, plus his very disgusting msn display pict which was just a guys face plus a whole lot of gurl's face... pervert...
btw... in case u didn't know... his msn nick a few days ago was "OG1, u leave me speechless, cos u gurls are simply the best!!! jia you o2 adhoc!!!"
*note: the highlighted words just make me wanna puke...

so now... someone pls tell me to love this cute innocent guy ...

*knocks head against wall*

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