Thursday, March 17, 2005


mood: dogish, due to mr goh's dog.. i'm in love with dogs!
msn nick: pickin up pieces of me which i left behind. U HAVE TO MOVE ON! I'M BEGGING U..

so now, i've added a song to my blog as my background music, specifically a ballad..:p to all users who find this irritating.. too bad... i find the console version too.. juz a freaking eye sore to be perfectly honest..

so now... where shall i begin?? ok.. we had bbq today @ weiting cum mr r. goh's condo, nice view, good weather.. food was nice, ate lots of curry.. ok.. this narration is boring.. played badminton just before i went the bbq.. guess it must have drained me out mentally so my actions were basically propelled by a in born instinct to eat.

yuanjun came along later.. alot of ppl started to wonder if he was my bf or smthing.. dotx.. like i'll really bring my bf to show off or smthing..

so now, as i waste the rest of my holiday away... still trying to prepare the photos and stuff.. life suddenly becomes so monotonous.. like a ritual.. the quote.. to create ur own path, ur own identity.. the problem is, almost every path has been trempled upon, every unsearch area explored & even exploited.. meanwhile... teens are struggling with an identity crisis... ironic...

go to slp.... zzzzz...
~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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