Wednesday, March 30, 2005


mood: happie
msn nick: dun haf msn with me now...sad i'm in the sch lep rm now tryin to burn the inuyasha disc and waste some time before the sch's cca bazaar. dear looks sad today, or more like worn out... but no recent injuries so i just hope that she's ok... had a more of a heart to heart talk with ms nice yesterday. it feels weird talking to her, cause she sorts of like puts a barrier when it comes to like personal stuff, maybe it's because of this then she won't be as emotionally affected as i am when it comes to deal with the stresses of life + those of ur friends.
suddenly missed geraldine alot... i mean like we used to be very close for a while, then we just let time take us apart, which is kind of sad... but none of us bothered to keep our friendship alive so whatever was left of it was quite obvious... candice said something worth giving a have affections (for a girl) isn't a sin, is what you do with these affections that make it a sin...
it sort of made sense to me since sec 3 since i went crazy over this bunch of ppl but i mean haha... at least i hadn't sinned.
something worth taking note...i feel happy for the first time since year 2005 started. truly happy and over the moon. i signed up for almost all activities in lep which i usually wouldn't even have bothered... weird me but i still feel high.. HAPPY... that's a very nice & sweet lingering feeling inside... maybe it's because of tml...haha... rebirth... that's the thing... rebirth to a new me... maybe this feeling is telling me to make full use of it, just like i should make full use of my 2 years life in jc...
what's more worth celebrating than having the ability to live & be with those u love.. cheers to friendship and all other bonds that bind...

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come

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