Sunday, September 23, 2007

Because it is there.

After being asked repeatedly by reporters in New York City while on a lecture tour why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, George Mallory is famously said to have replied, "Because it is there." He later said that he didn't recall ever making the remark, and if he did, it was merely a quip to deal with a "foolish question" from an ignorant reporter: nonetheless, the quote is forever associated with Mallory, the mountain and mountain climbing.


religion is too commercialized. if u ask me.. never in my life can i even imagine people singing in e hall used for praying... i bet e a thousand of years, no one could even have imagined a place so full of mystery & holiness can be used for such blatent commercialized events with no respect.

guess what, if everyone is so anal about prophecies, this is what i believe. our stupidity is going to kill us,one way,or another...


Anonymous said...

moutain climbing should be religious don't you think. hehe.


estel said...

ahahaha, dun noe. :D