Tuesday, September 11, 2007

everything happens for a reason

i've been very involved in religion recently... as in..
thinking alot abt it recently. i have issues with alot of things, traditional ideas that u just can't let go easily. there'll be times i'm so sure that i can just be self sufficient but there are times where i just need to believe that someone is looking out for me. just someone, no matter how things will turn out.

my korean student has recently had enough of my atheistic belief & made me promise him, with stamp + chop *u noe e kiddy stuff, rolls eyes* tt i will read e bible, pray to god, & believe in god or else he will wreck havoc in my class. of course under such circumstances, i had to promise him since it's too early to get it across to him how e religion thing really works out & abt respecting free will.

life is back to normal, for now. just that i can't finish marking my stuff. so here i'm advertising for a teacher aid, u'll be paid handsomely ie. $0.10/hour since my pay is nt very high.


back to e crazy showbiz world, my ex-idol seems to doing not so well
in other words, "deranged"

her MTV comeback was such a blast that critics are raving abt it. u can watch her fantastic dance here o.o


Miao said...

The video almost made me cry...

estelwen said...

haha, me tooooooo

Anonymous said...

sex dont sell no more huh. shes too cheap, which is sad. i feel for her. lol.


estelwen said...

ahahaha, feel sad for her but she's filthy rich despite her extravagant lifestyle which makes me pity her so much less. bahhhhhhhxxxxxx