Monday, September 03, 2007

e egg tastes like shit. who do u blame? e hen or e cook?

i don't understand why ppl try to declassify or ungroup e black sheeps of e flock when others label these ppl as being guilty.

aren't u, by human nature, supposed to stand up for them even they've done smthing wrong?
or if nt, r u tryin to shrink away or deny knowledge abt them when smone's found guilty?
or maybe, they're just nt part of ur "league" so it's really their own fault for being an asshole.

i mean, if so many black sheeps are appearing e flock, who do u blame? the sheep for being black or the shepherd who fed e sheeps weird stuff tt turned most of their furs black?

here's smthing to make everyone happy! u can't deny tt he's just cute with a twinkle in his big blue neon eyes. only my mother thinks he's fugly BLEAHX.

Angus the Cook: Who's complaining about the eggs?
Rube: Oh, no complaints, just observations.
Angus the Cook: Such as?
Rube: The eggs are not good. Its normally a moot point at the a la carte price of $2.95. I love eggs. I love 'em fried, scrambled, soft-boiled, florentine. These I didn't like. So who do we blame - the hen or the cook?
[Angus has a very sour look]
Rube: Let's blame the hen.
[Angus walks away]
Rube: He's a nice guy.


Anonymous said...

whos he?? i think he's CUTE!!!!


simin said...


but i can't marry him cus too many girls are after him...
plus.. he has a gf already bleahx

Anonymous said...

hahaaa. omg. but nice eyes. droolllssss.