Thursday, September 06, 2007

islam & christianity. HURHURHUR

Missionaries from South Korea travel to remote & dangerous lands, intent on spreading their Christian faith. Christianity contributed to modernization in South Korea, and missionaries often link their beliefs with the country’s miraculous economic growth. In July, the Taliban kidnapped 23 young Christian volunteers in Afghanistan, killing two before releasing the remaining hostages in late August. Conditions of release include South Korea withdrawing all its missionaries & NGO workers from Afghanistan. The incident, including a Taliban claim that the South Korean government paid a ransom, has divided churches & the public at large – and could trigger debate on the proper role of churches in international affairs. The US has stressed that its war on terror, started in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001, attacks, is not a war against Islam. But Christian missionaries enter conflict-ridden Islamic nations on the heels of invading troops, raising questions among Muslims. Preaching – and expecting people to abandon lifelong beliefs – is not a priority for war-torn nations.
– YaleGlobal
more frm ST article.

overzealous... is e word tt comes to mind when i think of these ppl...
is it really god's calling? or rather a lack of respect for other's religion & beliefs...



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