Saturday, September 15, 2007


u make me smile everyday
even though sometimes u're e one who makes e most noise.

u're always there without fail,
giving me assurance whenever i'm in distress
"because i want u smile, i want make u happy"

with ur childlike innocence, u try to understand e complexities of e adult world
so that u can give those around u comfort & strength
"nvm ms yeo, u try harder nxt time, do ur best"

he was e only one out of e whole lot, who bothered to care abt someone else besides himself, who remembered to pester me everyday abt my interview results, who knew how to keep e best things for his teachers to show his appreciation. he always assured me that i was his BEST FRIEND and made sure tt i am happy when he's in my class.

and when he knew abt e results he was so happy for me that he started announcing it to everyone he knew, screaming in excitement because he knew that once i got in for e interview i "will be highness", which is his way of understanding & expressing moving up e hierarchy system as compared to a relief teacher, & then i wldn't have to relief other classes.

how can a child, who is 10 years younger than u r, & who has experienced much less than u have, have so much strength, wisdom & maturity?
how can a child, who is only in P2 teach u so much & give u e affirmation that u so needed to live life the way it was & continue to believe despite e darkness that there will always be hope.

and if u tell me now that angels do exist, i will believe that this special one is the one looking out for me :D

감사합니다, Lee In Hyeok


Miao said...

Sweet. :D

chee said...

Aww Shuckss
I'm melted

Faith said...

hur hurrr

simin said...

u're just jealous fiancee. hahahha