Friday, October 05, 2007

examination in progress

this is what i look like to my students.

this is my brother trying to "fry the ant" which is too small to be captured on my lousy hp camera on e table in e hawker centre

this is my insane "roommate" trying to wrap a toy bear with e new lacy underwear tt mummy dear bought for us.... o.o we all miss our childhood days of dressing up dolls... in clothes i mean. XD
the end result was somehow... more normal den we expected. :)

for those who haven't seen me for a long while & 've forgotten how what i look like, this is me feeling narcissistic

& here's a happy belated children's day to all, including adults with their inner child still alive & kicking, to all kids, beautiful, normal & nt normal alike. we love u. always. XD

my children's day gift! WHEEEE! frm my teacher! haha, reason y i love to teach in my alma matta.
meanwhile, i'm currently sick.. yes... again. i've been falling ill alot recently.
my status as shown below...

toodle's XD

if case u're feeling down, check out some really hilarious adverts here. smile!


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thank you! hahahaha. puleassseee