Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i think when u age a certain age in life, u'll have stop self reflection & lived the way u've lived for e past i-dont-know-how-many years. which make asses worse asses & nice ppl nicer ppl.

i bet i'm nt making sense. i bet i don't make sense most of e time which results in me be always incurring e wrath of some asshole.
which is why i have to learn to be more street smart.
there's no use just ranting & then cursing and swearing @ e source when it doesn't change much of e way i handle e source, which is a troublesome, emotional and always bordering on e verge of insanity.

rebellion doesn't always have to be on e surface. underground guerrilla warfare has always worked in e past, i bet this is gonna work well for me


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