Friday, October 26, 2007

atheoi - the "immoral" ones

The Greek word αθεοι (atheoi), as it appears in the Epistle to the Ephesians (2:12) on the early 3rd-century Papyrus 46. It is usually translated into English as "[those who are] without God"

somehow, whenever i recall e things that my friends said to me regarding my beliefs out of contempt, blatant disregard or whatever was in their heads, i just feel alot of anger and hate. i hate ppl who don't understand, i hate ppl who label me.

but in e end, it's all just a pile of junk, unpleasant memories tt i have no wish to keep, but yet cannot forget.

religious issues have been generating alot of buzz & hate globally that u really wonder if they're tt peace loving as they claim to be. religion is evolving, so much so tt ppl are so aggressive when they talk abt it. seems to me like everyone just wants to have their piece of pie. what shld we be saying nxt? i pray for world peace?

"A child of the mob once asked an astronomer who the father was who brought him into this world. The scholar pointed to the sky, and to an old man sitting, and said: 'That one there is your body's father, and that your soul's.' To which the boy replied: 'WHAT IS ABOVE US IS OF NO CONCERN TO US, and I'm ashamed to be the child of such an aged man!' O WHAT SUPREME impiety, not to want to recognize your father, and not to think God is your maker!
Emblem illustrating practical atheism and its historical association with immorality, titled "Supreme Impiety: Atheist and Charlatan", from Picta poesis, by Barthélemy Aneau, 1552.


Miao said...

What a crappy interpretation of atheism.

Faith said...

just get away from all those fuckers. you need s.p.a.c.e!

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