Monday, October 22, 2007

shut e fuck up

i finally got e courage to watch e channel U show, Shoot aka 有话就说and i hated it to e core.
if u ask me, i think 蔡深江 is a big blardy asshole. big bloody idiotic asshole. and if u ask me why, let me list the funcking reason.

he loves to thumb down teenagers, like he was born an adult & had nvr gone thru e teenage phase. he speaks as if he knows everything about the teenage mentality. in fact, he goes to great lengths to psychoanalyze and twist the mentality of teenagers to the point where teenagers are simply implied to be brats, emo kids, brainless apathetic condescending bunch of useless freaks who cannot express themselves verbally, and have to resort to self mutilation as a form of expression.


i mean seriously if u're tt smart, how come u're just pointing the "blame" at teenagers for being who we are today. u mean what, all of us are some mutated freaks different from ur fucking generation so it's wrong of us to be teenagers? HELLO??!! WAKE UP UR IDEA, who made us into the teenagers we are today who can only express ourselves on blogs? it's e fucking society and to be specific, fuckers like u who love to blame e product for being faulty when u put e batteries in e wrong direction & it's nt working to ur liking.

e fucking society here condemns those who speak, even in more extreme cases, removes the person who speaks more than he's supposed to. think of Mr Brown, think of e few small pathetic protest we have because of e tudung issue, think of e MOST EMBARRASING time when the IMF came to singapore and our generous govt gave a small area located inside a god knows what place for small, non violent protest. THERE IS A FUCKING DESIGNATED AREA FOR PROTEST! HOW INGENIOUS IS TT?? so what can we do? if the government thinks expressing of opinions is fucking harmful to the society, e only way we can be expressive is only through blogs, and if they've successfully dampened our interest in politics and society and made us into apathetic youths, where else can we focus our energy on besides on ourselves?

tell me, how can kids in tt area be apathetic when they can protest abt things tt affect them. THEY HAVE A VOICE WHICH IS HEARD! WE HAVE A FUCKING VOICE WHICH IS LOST A LONG LONG TIME AGO.

so 蔡深江, shut e fuck up honestly. there's so much about youths tt u don't know.


Miao said...

I met him before at a Chinese media conference organised for students and my impression of him wasn't too good. He was very arrogant and he spoke in a holier-than-thou manner. If you read his Zaobao articles you'd notice that everything he writes, he writes in favour of the government (that's why I've stopped reading the news/social commentary sections of Zaobao because most of the time they are infested with opinions of people like him).

Aiyah, this is Singapore lah. I guess we can only get used to it or get out of here...

simin said...

yar i read it before. he's a walking dog. what an ass.

haha, same here said...

yes i also noticed his article are all but "propaganda put in a less obvious way", nothing too different from MediaCorp's drama and movie productions.