Tuesday, October 09, 2007


i have no idea what is Erratum until today. which shows how sucky my eng is.

and it is a nearby hospital, nt the nearby hospital, if u're referring to it for e first time. XD

recently, i've found e need to constantly remind myself tt i'm only 19. ONLY NINETEEN. nt 20 nor 21.

maybe i shld start planning for my 21st bday. which i'm nt really looking forward to anyway.

e kids are giving me e hell of a time. because they're enjoying life when e exams is near. maybe tt's why parents gets so agitated, & nt e kids, when e exams are coming. it's because they're jealous tt e kids can be so relaxed during e exam period while they get all hyped out. HAHAHA

there's a joke going ard e staffroom recently. because e p3 kids had this compo exam with a pict of currypuffs with hseflies buzzing ard it, meaning to say tt e food is contaminated. but i think they took it literally & started writing abt how they vomited or had diarrhoea after eating "currypuffs with houseflies" or as some say it in a more direct way "HOUSEFLY CURRYPUFFs"

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