Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i believe it is a chore to stay alive

i believe it is a unpleasant burden to want to live life to e fullest


there is no one i currently idolise now since narimiya is homo and kim jung hoon is a crybaby. new stars are popping up on screens like coco crunch. they all look e same to me. nice looks no talent minimal ability to do anything decent except to look cool. at least narimiya can do better... ok i still love nari.

i wonder how ms leong got herself into harvard. she must be a nerd. if nt, a damn smart kickass lady of e century.


let us drift apart. let us nt hold on to memories too. they'll become too heavy & sink my raft.

toot toot toot.


echizen said...

What about the love that is Oguri Shun? ;DDD <333

Watch the Japanese version of HanaKimi! <33

simin said...

LOL. me <3 NARIMIYA!!!