Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Wow... it is great hearing from so many of you. It warms my heart to read what is happening in your life.
Life is not about destination... it is a journey.... Shimin... don't worry, about not getting into Uni.... i understand it is discouraging coz i went through that too.... i applied 3 times and got rejected 3 times. hahahaha...
Everyone has different paths.... I am glad that you and Heiman chose to teach. coz it is a REALLY tough job.... you would have seen it in your relief in Cedar.
If you come to NIE, let me know, I might teach you again... hahaha...
As for Jasmine and heiman... have a fruitful time in your studies..
Joan... hope you got the overseas attachment.
Keep smiling and God bless! Stay in touch.
Yours always
Mr Tan


somehow, even though i've been nt in touch with my P6 teachers for a few years, this msg board created by our lovely IT savvy x-classmates has now been a great source of strength and comfort to me, especially now.
i wonder how everyone looks like more than 7 years from now. i wonder if everyone is still e same crazy ppl i noe, e childish tots & e insane ideas. if there's anything, u noe tt a teacher's influence and encouragement is more than enough to tell me life is worth living for another day... (even though he spelt my name wrongly... bahhhxxx)

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