Tuesday, August 21, 2007

& i think to myself

smtimes when i look @ some other ppl's blogs,(of course it wld be referring to ppl whom i TOTALLY am out of e league with) i'll feel like they're a bunch of naive, irritating, self absorbed pigs who love listing out what they did for e entire day. don't they have any thoughts abt e insanity of human kind? don't they have any reflections on e happenings ard e world? BIMBO

but i guess in e end... i'll be just as ugly as them

anyway, have u ever wondered why a bra is called a 胸罩?
i mean, den it shld be called breast mask in eng rite? masking a breast. woot



Miao said...

Because it rhymes with 凶兆。

sm said...