Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy 42nd Birthday My Island Home

how do u call a country ur home, when all around HDB blks, u have foriegners loitering around void decks speaking in a language so unknown, instead of retired grandparents enjoying their golden years, speaking in e familiar dialect that we've all grown to cherish.

how do u have a sense of ownership in a country, when buildings are being demolished on e pretext of urbanisation, & landmarks being forced to make way for our profitable IRs, where ur wonderful memories can only be found in faded photographs.

how can u see hope in a country, where local talents are easily neglected, replaced by cheaply imported foreign "talents" who can supposedly increase e competitive spirit of our fellow countryman which in turn will increase our "quality".

how can u entrust ur future in a government, whose sons & daughters have, with their poisonous forked tongue dismissed locals who r being displaced by the foreign talent policy as ppl who deserved it as a result of their incapability.

how do u love a country, a country that is increasingly filled with faces nt of ur own...


Anonymous said...

I love this entry.

- Miao

estel said...

haha, thanks:D